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Hot Dates (Glassblowing Classes)

  • $140.00


Want to play with lava? Need an exciting date
night? We teach glassblowing classes for ages 7-107.

A one hour hot date can accommodate 1-4 people. Each beginner piece takes approximately 15 minutes to create. One person can create up to 4 pieces in an hour class or four people can each attempt 1 piece.

A 30 minute hot date can accommodate 1-2 people. One person can create up to 2 pieces in a 30 minute class or two people can each attempt 1 piece.

***When registering, you only need to buy 1 voucher for the 1 hour class or 30 minute class (quantity: 1). Then YOU get to decide how many people you'd like to bring for your class.***

Once you have created a paperweight, duck, or mushroom in one of our classes, you are welcome to try making a cup or stemless wine glass. Each cup and stemless wine glass takes approximately 30 minutes to create.

Every so often a piece breaks while being created. Due to the time constraints of our classes you might not be able to recreate your piece. In this situation, we will remake your piece for you at a later date so that you still get to bring home a beautiful piece of glass.

Please note that glass takes between 15-20 hours to cool down and will be available to take home on the following Monday afternoon. If required, please arrange shipping with our gallery at the end of your class.

If you would like to go more in depth into glassblowing techniques, please feel free to book more than 1 hour in a row.


1) Please arrive 15 minutes before your class so that you have time to sign in, fill out your waiver, and do a short safety orientation

2) Dress code required for safety reasons: 100% cotton clothing & closed toe shoes. Examples: Jeans, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, runners. NO spandex, lycra, or polyester.

3) All long hair needs to be tied back in a ponytail.

4) Bring a water bottle. Glassblowing studios are very hot environments and it is incredibly easy to get dehydrated. 

5) If you need to change your booking 14 days or more before your class, we charge a $25 rebooking fee

6) Due to all of our classes being private lessons, we DO NOT offer rebooking for classes cancelled 13 days or less before your class day. If you cannot attend, you are welcome to send someone else in your place.  

7) Due to the very small class sizes, we are unable to offer refunds.

8) Cancellations made by us will be rebooked free of charge or fully refunded. Thanks for understanding!